Reflections on This Period of Annual Remembrance

November 5, 2020

by Andrew Farquhar


As a veteran who spent 34 years in the British Army, this period of annual Remembrance marks the time to personally reflect on the sacrifice made by others in the service of their country and more recently by those who serve in GardaWorld. For me this is very important as over the years I have witnessed exceptional and selfless acts by those around me, and remembering this commitment renews my trust and faith in humanity.

Over the years I have learned much about leadership, operational art and tight resource management; but these skills are nothing when compared to the insight I gained from some amazing people, from many different countries and the spectrum of backgrounds. In the Middle East and Africa division of GardaWorld, I frequently hear of examples of this selfless commitment, with colleagues in Africa the most recent example, when staff were injured while ensuring the security of clients in their homes.  


Remembrance Monument


In the UK a major focus for Remembrance is at The National Memorial Arboretum, where service and sacrifice is the unifying factor to over 300 Memorials in 170 acres of beautiful countryside. The NMA has Memorials to many organisations, but at its heart and central to the NMA’s theme of Service and Sacrifice, is the iconic Armed Forces Memorial. This Memorial is a National asset and the names of the fallen since the start of the Korean War are engraved on the impressive stone walls. At 1100hrs on the 11th of November each year, the sunlight shines through a gap in the walls and illuminates the central bronze wreath of the AFM. A truly inspirational place.


Remembrance Statue


Whether at the NMA, at home or wherever, this time of the year provides an opportunity for us all to better understand the selfless sacrifice of many, whose only thought was to do their best for their colleagues, their team and their country. That is why as the 11th of the 11th draws closer, to me it is right and important to remember these people and to thank them for their service.