Retired Garda Armored Vehicles Gain Second Life

September 6, 2011

Garda’s commitment to maintaining the newest fleet of armored vehicles in the industry is a boon to law enforcement agencies throughout America.

The most recent police department to benefit from Garda’s vehicle donation program is the Berwyn Illinois Police Department which recently deployed four of Garda’s retired armored trucks.


“Thanks to your kind donation of retired armored vehicles, we have been able to fully implement the cars into our crime suppression unit,” said Berwyn Police Chief Jim Ritz. “The surveillance vehicle has been a vital tool as a crime deterrent in many specific areas of the city.

“The vehicles have been equipped with video surveillance capability along with the option of being staffed or un-staffed at any time,” Chief Ritz added, “which leaves those who might be thinking about engaging in criminal acts with second thoughts. We have received tremendous feedback from our citizens along with other police agencies complimenting us about the capabilities and use of the vehicle.”


Garda’s donation of retired armored vehicles help law enforcement agencies around the country keep citizens safe with crime suppression programs like the one Chief Ritz and his department implemented in Berwyn.  They are used to perform surveillance programs in high-crime areas, to support SWAT teams and to deter crime with their mere presence in many communities.

Donating armored vehicles is just one more way Garda is working to make the world more secure.