Screening Officer Danielle Bowdring Donates Kidney

May 27, 2014


It’s not every day that we hear stories about those people who are selfless and kind to others. At the Edmonton International Airport, screening officer Danielle Bowdring has given herself in a very generous and literal way: she has donated her kidney. Flying to Denver, Colorado, she underwent an operation to remove one of her kidneys to be transplanted to her sister-in-law on February 17th, which ironically and aptly is Family Day in Canada. Danielle said the decision was an easy one; the whole family had undergone tests to see if they were a match and she was fortunate to be one.

Expected to return to work after a six weeks leave of absence, she looks forward to collecting on a bet she has with a fellow officer in regards to which kidney would be chosen for donation – she is guessing the one on the right side.

A mere six weeks after undergoing surgery to have her kidney removed to be generously given to her sister-in-law, Danielle returned to work. “At first I was extremely drained, and had to take it easier than usual, but now, two months later, I feel great. The experience was scary but interesting due to the different medical aspects. My fiancé took great care of me so it wasn’t too bad”, stated Danielle. “If I could grow another kidney, I would do it again”.

The surgery was a success. Within hours, the kidney that was transplanted into her sister-in-law was working and doing its job. This was great news for all considering the precious kidney experienced a traumatic episode before it went to its new home. During the surgery the doctor came out to talk to the family. The doctor was embarrassed to inform them, “The kidney slipped out of my hand like a bar of soap”. Apparently it hit his hip, bounced to his knee and then finally to the floor. In performing more than 500 surgeries, this had never happened to him before. It was picked up and meticulously cleaned. When asked if they wanted to proceed with the procedure, the mother of her sister-in-law replied, “Put it in, a little dirt never hurt anyone”, and the rest is history. Her sister-in-law recovered immediately, quicker than Danielle, and is feeling great.

Did Danielle win her bet with her co-worker? She did not! The left kidney was chosen and she owes her colleague coffee…