Security and cash management solutions designed for restaurants

October 23, 2018

As a restaurant owner, what are your priorities? Most of you will probably answer: offering quality food, a pleasant environment and good customer service. Of course, many will also think of the financial side of things, and “make money” will probably be near the top of your list.


But with money comes worries: Are the bills I have to deposit secure? Can I trust my staff? Are trips to the bank with large sums of money safe? A lot of time is spent managing and depositing money—could this time be better used on more important things? The solution to all these worries is probably simpler and less expensive than you think.


What are your time and security worth?

By using armored truck transport and cash vault services, you aren’t just securing your assets; you’re also protecting your life and those of your employees. In addition, you save time that could be used serving your customers and managing your business.


By not having to count money and make trips to the bank, you can:


  • Reduce problems linked to managing bills.

  • Avoid the stress and risks associated with having cash on hand and shrinkage.

  • Minimize the risk of cash loss and disputes involving third parties by transferring responsibilities to your supplier.


In addition, depending on the frequency of your bank deposits, the cost of transport services can be relatively low. You can also expect a reduction in your insurance premium since you’d be reducing your personal risk. There can be other significant financial benefits too.



Smart safe: a solution to consider



Smart safe: a solution to consider

For the majority of restaurants that have cash on their premises, the use of a safe to prevent theft is an obvious choice—and essential. But is a traditional safe sufficient?

Over the last few decades, technological advances have led to the creation of a type of “smart” safe. On top of its protective features, the smart safe makes cash processing more efficient, while reducing costs.

For example, in addition to providing protection against theft and fraud, GardaWorld's CashLINK smart safes count, verify, and deposit money directly into your bank account, and their easy-to-use dashboard simplifies managing it all. This is truly a turnkey solution as GardaWorld is responsible for the installation, the testing, and training of the team to ensure a smooth transition.


GardaWorld, a cash management partner to restaurant owners

GardaWorld offers multi-service cash management solutions tailored to the foodservice industry: armored truck transport, reconciliation of funds, preparation and delivery of foreign exchange funds, key coops and smart safes. These solutions not only make managing your valuables easier, but they also help you reduce stress and focus on what really matters—the success of your restaurant.


To find out more about how GardaWorld can protect your people and assets, request a quote here.