Security and commercial properties: What you need to know

January 31, 2019

There’s a lot more to keeping a commercial property safe and secure than simply putting a guard in the lobby. Commercial properties have complex security needs, so whether you require security services for an entire building or a smaller property, the smartest thing you can do is trust the professionals. Here’s why:


You’ll get a comprehensive commercial property security plan that meets your exact needs.

There’s no one-size-fits-all security solution for commercial properties. That’s why a first-rate company will take the time to assess your specific situation and put a solid plan in place that’s tailored for your property’s unique needs. They’ll meet with you to get a clear picture of your operations and challenges, which will include doing a walk-around and a complete site inspection. You should be assigned someone to oversee your security services. That individual will work with you to develop a plan that’s right for your property, based on tried-and-true strategies and procedures.


They only hire the best—and train them to be the best.

A top company will have a rigorous hiring process, which means they only employ the very best candidates. Once they’re hired, they undergo thorough training on a range of topics—from preventing loss in retail environments, to bomb alerts, fire training and what to do in a medical emergency (more about this below). The result? From your front-line security guards to the team managing your account off site, you can feel confident that you’re getting professional security services.


You can count on professional security guards to do their job.

Expert security guards are trained on how to spot suspicious behavior to help avoid or de-escalate issues. They’re trained on what to do and how to handle a potentially harmful situation; for example, if an unwanted guest (a vagrant or loiterer) enters the building, a competent security guard will calmly and effectively escort the person from the premises without attracting attention. Also, a good security company will provide their guards with immediate backup or support from their mobile patrol unit or operations center.


Qualified security guards know what to do in a medical emergency.

Guards from top-notch companies will either know how to help people who need medical attention, or whom to call and exactly what to say to get them the help they need. In fact, Blaine Mitchell, a senior executive at GardaWorld who works in Security Services, said that they’ve had “several incidents” where their security guards have saved lives as a result of doing CPR and using an automated external defibrillator (AED).


They’re representing your company or brand.

First impressions are so important. And whether you’re walking into an office building, a bank or a retail store, a security guard is often the first person you see. This is why it’s critical that a guard acts and looks professional, which includes excelling at customer service. After all, the way customers or visitors perceive your security guard affects how they see your facility and brand.


Having security measures in place in commercial properties is practically a given, as the advantages are endless. However, you will only truly benefit from a secure environment if you contact a security company that’s a cut above the rest—and one with a significant amount of experience serving commercial properties.


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