Spotlight on Many and Jim, two GardaWorld cash services employees

November 30, 2018

Spotlight on Many and Jim, two GardaWorld cash services employees


Many - Shift Administrator, Cash Room 

A Cash Services employee


Ensuring a safe environment for her coworkers

Many understands the importance of organizational health and safety. At the Mississauga Cash Room, health issues concern clean work stations, air dust, and luminosity. Now that the Cash Room merged with the Vault in June 2017, the working area has seen tremendous improvement that positively impacts general health. “I want all employees to feel comfortable at work,” says Many.


A solution-oriented attitude

Many is a true problem solver. Her day is filled with interactions. On one hand, she handles clients’ requests for additional services, status updates and complaints. And on the other, Many provides assistance to employees, helping locate missing envelopes and solving cash shortages. Her sense of urgency and ability to respond quickly and efficiently helps her build trusted relationships with both her coworkers and long-term clients. “Many is the type of person who makes you look forward to coming into work. She’s charismatic, fun, intelligent and loyal.” - Christine, Cash Processing at Cash Vault Services

A proud mother of two, Many joined GardaWorld to secure a healthier and safer future for her children. “I want to grow and contribute, today and tomorrow. I know that this is how I will be rewarded professionally, personally and financially. My career is a testament of what I learned back home, and I am appreciative of this.” Many loves her job. “When the client is happy, I’m happy. When an employee is satisfied, I am too.”


Jim, Cash Services, Driver.

A Cash Services employee 2


40 hours a week in the driver’s seat

For Jim, road safety is part of the job. And it’s no accident. Jim is a self-aware, considerate and cautious Cash Services driver. A style he is proud to own for 34 years. Jim’s clean driving record can be attributed to his calm demeanor and respect for others. He kindly accepted to share his keys to road safety:

  1. I make sure my partner is seated before I depart. I drive smoothly, taking care to avoid sharp turns or abrupt maneuvers, and I anticipate what other drivers are going to do.

  2. We are constantly challenged on the road by erratic, inattentive and aggressive drivers. As I grow older, I understand that a calm approach on the road reduces my level of stress and is a critical factor to preventing accidents. Needless to say, I wouldn’t feel good about potentially injuring someone. I would think about it the rest of my life.

  3. I remain courteous at all times. I yield priority to pedestrians and cyclists in parking lots and at crossroads, as I recognize the importance of driver’s etiquette. In return, people on the road are appreciative and no one ever gets mad at me.


No one said safety was easy. But for Jim, concentration, courtesy and consideration for others represent a driver’s basic skills, regardless of the industry in which he operates.


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