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October 16, 2018

At GardaWorld, we know that information is power. Knowledge about security issues around the world can affect the precautions you take when traveling on business, the emerging markets you invest in, where you go on vacation, and much more.



Both organizations and individuals rely on our Top Security News Alerts weekly newsletter to keep them informed, and now we’re revamping it to make it an even more valuable tool for our subscribers. We’ve also launched a new corporate newsletter to keep you up to date about the company’s latest news, partnerships and more.



Top Security News Alerts Newsletter (sent out weekly)

GardaWorld’s Top Security News Alerts weekly newsletter previously focused on our most-consulted news alerts. However, it will now focus on the developments that our experts and regional risk analysts expect will be most important in the coming week. Sent out on Mondays, the newsletter will bring the expertise of GardaWorld’s global travel, economic and security experts. Whether it’s upcoming changes in visa requirements, a planned airline strike, or an incoming typhoon that you need to know about, our Top Security News Alerts from Crisis24 will keep you abreast of important developments and prepared for the weeks ahead.


Consider this newsletter your go-to source for timely security information, whether you’re a frequent traveler, a global markets watcher, a news junkie or a manager with employees abroad. Sign up today.



Corporate News Monthly Newsletter

Our recently launched corporate newsletter is a great new way to learn about exciting changes to our company. Sign up for our monthly newsletter and you’ll be the first to know about GardaWorld news, including our partnerships, latest products and services, events and much more.



Whether you want to know about upcoming security developments so you can make better-informed decisions, hear more about what we’re up to at GardaWorld, or both, visit our newsletters page.