The place of auditing at GardaWorld

August 17, 2016

The quest for excellence drives everything at GardaWorld. Committed to delivering the highest quality service to every client, we employ a comprehensive auditing process to ensure we meet and exceed our goals.

On the broadest level, auditing procedures make sure we comply with industry standards. GardaWorld Protective Services is ISO 9001:2008 certified, conforming to the standards of an internationally recognized quality management system. GardaWorld Aviation Services conforms to the standards of the Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB), as stipulated by CATSA, which is mandated with protecting the public through effective and efficient screening of air travelers and their baggage.

These standards, coupled with our own policies, have shaped strong requirements for both divisions, including:

  • Providing superior customer service, actively providing clients with the best possible service

  • Promoting a state of continual improvement

  • Developing an evolving set of best practices

  • Reducing waste

  • Eliminating redundancies

  • Maximizing resources

  • Limiting risk for both the company and clients

  • Effectively allotting resources to achieve goals

Auditors also act as client advocates. The process is meant to ensure clients always receive the highest levels of service, meeting and exceeding expectations. If a team is not delivering on that promise, an audit can identify the problem and lead to solutions.

Audits generally happen once a year, both at airports and at Protective Service branch offices. The location is thoroughly measured against a set of established metrics.

For Protective Services, that includes senior management commitment, customer complaints and customer feedback.

For Aviation contracts, metrics include the human resources hiring process, the contract amendment process, and scheduling and resource allocation. Most of the work is performed through site inspections and employee interviews. Additional spot audits review documentation to validate submitted information.

If some aspect of the audit fails to meet standards, a Corrective Action Report (CAR) is issued by the auditor. The airport or branch has 30 days to respond. Often, CAR issues are handled over email as the relevant local supervisor and the auditor determine the cause of the failure and what steps are necessary to correct it. If the auditor is satisfied with developments, she/he closes the case. If further improvement is still warranted, the case can be left open and will be revisited during the next audit. This system is part of our goal of proactive continuous improvement.

This year, we have implemented a new program of cross-auditing. GardaWorld employees are trained as auditors and sent to GardaWorld locations in other regions of the country. This allows a fresh set of eyes to examine sites. It also leads to exchanges of experience which can help develop new best practices.

Auditing is an important part of our commitment to both clients and employees. Regular reviews assist everyone in remaining on track to fulfill goals of exceptional service. It also encourages constant improvement through the evolution of best practices. The auditing process remains an important tool in achieving our successes.