The Upcoming Week’s Top News Alerts from Crisis24 - November 12 - 18

November 12, 2018

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Be Prepared 


France: Protest and roadblocks expected nationwide November 17

Nationwide protests against rising fuel prices to take place in France and Belgium on November 17; significant traffic disruptions expected (roadblocks). Read more


What to watch out for this week


UK: Weekly Saturday Northern Rail strikes through December

Northern Rail employees continue to hold weekly Saturday strikes through December 29; major disruptions anticipated. Read more


Guinea: Further anti-government demonstrations in Conakry Nov.13-15

Opposition supporters call for further protests to take place in Conakry November 13-15; avoid all gatherings. Read more


India: Possible gatherings related to Supreme Court temple verdict Nov. 13

Gatherings likely on November 13 to protest Supreme Court Sabarimala verdict; further protests and civil unrest likely in the near term. Read more


Argentina: Buenos Aires pride parade November 17

Buenos Aires’ annual gay pride parade is scheduled for November 17 along Avenida de Mayo; anticipate transportation disruptions. Read more


Singapore: ASEAN Summit November 11-15

Increased security measures ahead of Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit November 11-15; associated transportation disruptions expected. Read more


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