The Upcoming Week’s Top News Alerts from Crisis24 - October 15 - 21

October 15, 2018

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Be Prepared


Afghanistan: Parliamentary elections to take place October 20 amid Taliban threats.

Parliamentary elections to be held on October 20 amid ongoing insecurity; attacks to disrupt campaigning and vote expected. Read more



What to watch out for this week


Bangladesh: Nationwide opposition protests postponed to October 20-23

Nationwide opposition protests postponed to October 20-23 after key opposition leader sentenced to life in jail; avoid all gatherings. Read more


Germany: Cologne-Frankfurt high-speed rail line closed through October 19

High-speed line between Cologne and Frankfurt to remain closed through October 19 following October 12 fire. Read more


Brazil: Reports of political violence follow first-round election

Police report dozens of incidents politically-motivated incidents since the October 7 first round presidential elections; second round of elections are scheduled for October 28. Read more


Belgium: Heightened security for EU and ASEAM summits Oct. 17-19

Heightened security in Brussels for EU and Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEAM) summits on October 17-19. Read more


Tunisia: State of emergency extended through November 6

Authorities extend nationwide state of emergency through November 6. Read more



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