The Upcoming Week’s Top News Alerts from Crisis24 - October 8 - 14

October 8, 2018

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Be Prepared


Bolivia: National protests and strike October 10 

National strike and protests on October 10; avoid all demonstrations. Read more



What to watch out for this week


US: Heavy rain, flooding likely for Plains, Midwest Oct. 3-11.

Heavy rain forecast for the Plains and northern Midwest from October 3-11; flooding along rivers possible. Read more


Pakistan: Journalists plan nationwide protests on October 9.

The Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists planning nationwide protests for October 9 over freedom of press; associated unrest and disruption expected. Read more


France: Easyjet crews to take part in October 9 national strike

Easyjet cabin crews to participate in nationwide general strike on October 9; other travel disruptions possible. Read more


Italy: Rail and public transportation strikes October 4-7, 11, 12

Rail and public transportation workers plan several consecutive strikes from October 4-7, 11, and 12; national and local transportation disruptions expected. Read more


Oman: Tropical cyclone expected October 11-12

Tropical cyclone to affect Oman October 11-12; strong winds, flooding, and localized disruptions expected. Read more


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