Top Crisis24 News Alerts - June 30-July 6

July 6, 2018

This Week’s Top Crisis24 News Alerts - June 30-July 6 

France: June 30-July 1 air traffic controller strike canceled 

Strike by air traffic controllers in south-central France scheduled for June 30 and July 1 called off. Read more 


Italy: July 5 national air traffic controller postponed 

Unions postpone national air traffic controller strike scheduled to take place on July 5. Read more


Japan: 160,000 evacuated in southern Japan due to heavy rains July 5-6 

At least 160,000 ordered to evacuate in southern Japan on July 5-6 due to heavy rain; further rains forecast through July 8. Read more


Belgium: Protests ahead of July 11-12 NATO Summit in Brussels 

Demonstrations to take place July 7, 8, and 11 in Brussels before NATO Summit on July 11-12; anticipate heightened security measures and transportation disruptions. Read more


South Korea: Typhoon Prapiroon lashes country July 2 

Floods and air services disrupted as Typhoon Prapiroon lashes South Korea July 2; one person killed. Read more


This week’s Editor’s choice 


Lebanon: Baalbek International Festival July 8 to August 18 

Baalbek music festival to take place July 8 to August 18; anticipate increased security measures, transportation disruptions. Read more


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