Travel security reports for more than 200 countries - Crisis24 series Part 3/3

August 15, 2018

Welcome to our third and final post in this introductory series on Crisis24, our innovative solution for travelers who know that information is power when it comes to navigating security risks in foreign countries.


In Part 1 of this 3-part blog series, we discussed how our news alerts help you stay aware of travel safety risks before and during trips, and in Part 2, we covered how to customize your own watchlists with a free Crisis24 account.


Read on to learn about Crisis24’s country reports, which provide easy-to-navigate briefings on all the issues you need to know about, from terrorism to political stability.


Comprehensive country reports at your fingertips

Through the Crisis24 dashboard, you can access more than 200 detailed country reports. These reports each include an executive summary and operational outlook, and are informed by valuable risk analyses from IHS Markit experts. Seven different color-coded risk levels for numerous categories help you quickly hone in on the most concerning issues. Categories include terrorism, natural disasters, war risks, social stability and health. In addition, an overall risk level for each country is extremely useful when trying to decide whether to visit one country over another.


Crisis24 offers country reports with travel safety information you can’t find anywhere else

Our country reports aren’t just about describing security situations; they also provide advice, which is informed by top risk analysts and is updated frequently, to reflect the latest on-the-ground security landscape. This advice may suggest that certain areas and activities be avoided or recommend forms and routes of transportation that are preferable. Additionally, practical information about climate, electricity, useful phone numbers, required vaccinations and communication infrastructure will help you prepare and pack ahead of a trip.


Country reports are required reading for business travelers going to a new country, as well as for families embarking on a vacation to a new destination. By understanding the risks—and knowing how to avoid them—travelers can make better decisions and feel more at ease.


Here’s a screenshot of the latest Brazil Country Report (at the time this article was published):


Brazil Country Report



Crisis24: Because being informed can make a world of difference

When it comes to making decisions for you, your family or your employees, Crisis24 is the up-to-date, easy-to-navigate and customizable information portal you’ve been waiting for. Driven by some of the world’s top risk-intelligence experts, Crisis24 lets you travel more securely by staying on top of the issues you need to know about—be they health, safety, environmental, legal, cultural and security issues. With Crisis24, you’re in the command seat.


Want to review how news alerts and customizing your watchlists work? Go back to Part 1 of this series about news alerts, and Part 2 about watchlists.


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