U.S. Bank Partners with Garda Cash Logistics to Deliver Remote Cash Deposit

October 26, 2011

U.S. Bank’s Remote Cash Deposit service is now available to businesses through its new partnership with Garda Cash Logistics.

Garda provides secure cash transportation and cash management solutions for business customers in the retail and restaurant industries. Garda is the third armored provider partnered with U.S. Bank’s Remote Cash Deposit service.


U.S. Bank is partnering with Garda and its CashLINK® product line so its business customers can utilize Remote Cash Deposit to deposit cash electronically from store locations, consolidate depository accounts with one bank, reduce armored transportation expense and decrease the risks associated with collecting cash.


“U.S. Bank is excited to continue expanding our Remote Cash Deposit product through our partnership with Garda Cash Logistics,” said Wade Pylka, Remote Cash Deposit product manager for the U.S. Bank Global Treasury Management group. “Remote Cash Deposit provides our business customers with the significant benefits of minimizing the risk of theft, reducing labor expenses associated with cash handling and improving staff safety and productivity.”


“I have experienced the greatest benefit — higher profitability,” said Jayson Rogers, owner and operator of a McDonald’s franchise. “The armored car doesn’t have to come to our business as often, cash shortages are at an all time low, and my managers are spending more time supervising rather than counting cash. I highly recommend this product as a business solution to anyone who handles significant amounts of cash and utilizes Garda secure transportation services. Knowing your cash is in the bank and secure gives you peace of mind.”


“Our CashLINK service enables businesses to focus on what really matters – increasing sales and profits,” said Garda Cash Logistics Vice President and Group Head for Product Development and Optimization Michael McSpadden. “The cash is secure from the moment our SmartSafe accepts it until it’s deposited in the bank.”


In addition to Remote Cash Deposit, U.S. Bank offers extensive cash vault services including traditional cash processing at 52 locations across 27 states. The extensive vault network can accommodate cash deposits and change order needs for business customers, correspondent banks and government entities.