Veteran profile: Sheena

November 1, 2019

Position in the army: Intelligence Analyst (96 Bravo)
​​​​​​Position at GardaWorld: Cash Services Operations Manager

What did you do before you came to work at GardaWorld?

I was in the United States Army as an Intelligence Analyst, known as a “96 Bravo.” I was also a police officer in Washington, DC, for eight and a half years, and in my last two years I was a forensic analyst, working with crime databases and statistics. Then I moved to another state, where I would have had to take the training over again to work as a police officer. So I started applying for different jobs. I got hired at GardaWorld as an armed cash services messenger; I did that job for two months, and I’ve been promoted quite a few times since then.


1. What does your work at GardaWorld entail? Take us through a typical day.

The Cash Services division handles delivery and pickup of bank notes for various companies and financial institutions, as well as supply of ATMs. My day starts as early as 5:30 a.m. I supervise the messengers’ preparations and the truck staging and routing for the day. Once all my employees leave for the day, we do route checks every hour to see how many stops they’ve completed, make sure everything’s on schedule, or tell them they need to break route and go to a particular address, for example to serve a customer who needs cash delivered urgently. If I’m short-staffed, I’ll go on route as well. The rest of the time I’m answering e-mails and making sure our customers have everything that they need. I do whatever needs to be done to make sure we’re successful.


2. How does your military experience help you in your role at GardaWorld?

Compassion, discipline, integrity, honour, respect, and engagement are all values I’ve embraced again since starting work here. What I also like is that GardaWorld is a very versatile company, and it appreciates employees who are as well. You have to be able to multitask and handle a lot of things at the same time. 

Leadership and dedication are assets that are noticed and rewarded, and there are many opportunities for advancement for those interested.


3. Since the launch of the reservist and veteran employment program, GardaWorld has encouraged veterans who already work within the organization to promote job openings to their fellow soldiers. Would you recommend a career at GardaWorld to veterans and reservists? Why?

Absolutely! A veteran is already well rounded. They already have the discipline and dedication, they’ve already accomplished a lot, and they have an ambitious mindset. If they’re like me, they’ll be able to commit to the company. Personally, I look forward to continuing to grow and to do everything I can to utilize my skills to GardaWorld’s benefit. 

The company culture is very people-oriented. Actually, you know what? It’s more than that: it’s family-oriented. GardaWorld is always looking out for their employees, and we all work together, like one big family.



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