What are the best qualities for a Cash services Messenger?

June 8, 2017

Pierre-Luc Godbout joined the GardaWorld family in 2004. He started his career in the company not knowing that he would fall in love with the job of cash services messenger. His career has allowed him to evolve quickly within the company.

The cash services messenger position seems simple at first sight: to ensure that clients’ cash and valuables are securely transported from point A to point B. “There are two sides to this position: security guard and armoured truck driver”. Both are completely different, but complementary. Task specific to each side of the job vary daily.

When he is on duty as a security guard, Pierre-Luc must first equip himself, pick up parcels at the vault and plan the day with the parcel bill. On the road, he must deliver the packages and make sure that all valuables balance at the end as per the instructions.

When drives the armoured truck, his day is very different. He must first check that all equipment (keys, walkie-talkie, etc.) are within easy reach and working. On the road, he must drive his partner cautiously to the different stops planned for their day in a timely fashion.

In both roles, agents must leave the truck during deliveries. “It is a team effort first. We must be present for our partner and remain vigilant for both of us at all times,” says Pierre-Luc.

In training, messengers learn to manage the inherent risky conditions of their work. GardaWorld also encourages agents to develop abilities essential to their responsibilities:

  • Have a great sense of observation
  • Be curious, flexible and willing to learn
  • Be physically fit
  • Manage time and priorities efficiently
  • Be diligent and upright
  • Be responsive
  • Keep a cool head in tense or risky situations
  • Be organized

“It is a job that gives a lot of satisfaction, because every day is different. You have to have good judgment at all times. Being able to put yourself in the shoes of a thief and to read people’s body language are important to protect our clients’ valuables and ourselves.” says Pierre-Luc.

“The most significant moment in my career was undoubtedly when criminals tried to rob our armored truck when my partner and I were on duty. I had just started in this job.” Pierre-Luc and his partner were able to handle the situation which ended well. “It could have frightened me or discouraged me, but I took this incident as an opportunity to grow, which allowed me to evolve within the company. Since he joined GardaWorld, Pierre-Luc has been instructor for shooting and the use of force.

The passion of being on the ground never left him. “I am very proud to work for GardaWorld. I have a great sense of belonging to the company. ”

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