What happens in GardaWorld’s cash vaults?

May 25, 2017


GardaWorld help thousands of clients process their cash and valuables faster than any cash logistics services provider. Our vaults are highly secured and equipped for cash sorting and cheques imaging

The vault has a pivotal role in GardaWorld’s service delivery model: everything that comes in and everything that comes out of it is carefully monitored and documented so that operators have a comprehensive follow-up of the clients’ assets at all times, enabling them to provide great customer service.

What is the work of a vault teller/custodian?

The primary responsibility of custodians is to ensure that Drivers/Messengers and crew leaders receive the correct instructions, schedules, equipment and money to effectively serve GardaWorld’s clients. They are responsible for:

  • check-in and check-out of routes;
  • changing custody of their liability;
  • writing reports;
  • equipment,including handheld scanners and other data entry devices.

They must also be able to stand as Driver/Messenger or Crew Leader based on operational needs.

What are the challenges of a vault teller/custodian?

To perform their duties efficiently, they have to:

  • have time management skills;
  • be organized;
  • have a great memory;
  • be able to multitask;
  • be client satisfaction-oriented
  • work in teams.

The biggest challenge for the vault teller/custodian is that his work is timed: every task must be done within a predetermined time to avoid delaying the scheduled routes of the armored trucks at GardaWorld clients’ facilities. In the event of a technical problem, it is also essential to ensure the continuity of their financial operations

What motivates the vault teller/custodian in his work?

At GardaWorld, our culture of excellence towards our clients is what sets us apart: their concerns are at the heart of everything we do.

Each employee takes great pride in being part part of the GardaWorld community and in contributing every day to making a difference in our clients’ businesses but also in the lives of their own customers.

We go beyond expectations by their uncompromising professionalism and ensure that we maintain a strong team spirit. Furthermore, the integration of advanced technologies into our vaults operations makes for many challenges to enable GardaWorld to continue to do more, faster and better than anyone else.

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