What if you could reclaim the time you spend managing your cash?

December 19, 2013

Many small business owners, especially retailers, entertainment companies and restaurants, don’t realize how much time they spend each week managing their physical cash and checks—ensuring they have enough cash on hand, counting it when they open and close (and during shift changes), taking deposits to the bank, reconciling cash with deposits, and so on.

Doing the math.  If your business is open 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, that’s 72 hours a week. Add another 8 hours of pre-opening and post-closing chores to round it up to 80 hours. Depending on how cash-intensive your business is and how far away your bank is, you could be spending an hour or more each day managing your cash. That can be as much as 10-15 percent of your time, or 8-12 hours a week.


That’s time you could be spending with customers, upselling or cross-selling, or coaching your employees on how to do the same. It’s time you could spend marketing your business to build your customer base. Or, it’s time you might have to yourself and your family.

What if you could reclaim the time you spend managing your cash? What if you could save time and money while reducing risk by having your bank come to you?


How can I bring the bank to me? In effect, that’s what GardaWorld’s CashLINK services enables you to do. Once you deposit your cash into an onsite GardaWorld smart safe, it counts and secures all your currency, while guarding against counterfeits. The smart safe also communicates wirelessly to enable the reporting of valuable deposit information to you.


Moreover, your daily deposits into the safe can be immediately credited to your bank account, as if you had brought the deposit to the bank yourself. Then, depending on your needs, GardaWorld’s armored transportation service with armed cash messengers will make regularly scheduled stops at your location(s) to empty your CashLINK smart safe and take its contents to the bank. Here are some key features of GardaWorld’s CashLINK service:



  • • Security guaranteed. GardaWorld guarantees the security of your CashLINK smart safe’s contents, so when you deposit the cash into the smart safe your funds are secure.

  • • Simplified Change Orders. Whenever you need change, just call GardaWorld’s EvenXchange service. Our armored truck will bring the change you need and exchange it for the same amount. This eliminates managing bank credits and debits for change orders. It can reduce your bank fees as well as the time you have to spend reconciling your bank statements, not to mention eliminating reconciliation errors.

  • • Fits under your POS counter. GardaWorld’s smart safes are built with industrial-grade steel and engineered to be both secure and easy to operate. Each one has a spill-proof touchscreen for common functions and easy data entry, helping to make cashiers 100 percent accountable for their cash. The smart safes are designed to fit under ADA-compliant counters, so no time or steps are required to make deposits in a safe located elsewhere in a store. The safes are also designed so you can deposit checks and there even safes engineered to dispense coins.


* * *


Can cost less than trash pickup. What’s the monthly cost? Of course, it depends on a retailer’s situation, but ironically, many retailers pay more for their trash pickup each month than they would for GardaWorld’s CashLINK cash management service. Most wouldn’t think of taking time to truck their own trash to the dump, but they don’t think twice about handling their own cash, despite the security risks as well as the time and errors it involves.


GardaWorld has several thousand satisfied CashLINK customers across North America. Now is a great opportunity for retailers who haven’t yet tried CashLINK to check it out. For more information about GardaWorld CashLINK services, please visit our CashLINK services web page.