What it Takes to Work in Security Operations in Afghanistan, According to Kevin McGregor

November 16, 2020

After almost 15 years working in the Middle East, Kevin McGregor, GardaWorld’s operations manager in Kabul, says honesty, integrity and dependability are key to success. 


I started my career in security in Iraq in 2006, after serving in the British Army for close to a decade. My very first position was as a close protection team member and driver in Basra Iraq for Aegis, which was then acquired by GardaWorld in 2015. I started as team leader, where I briefed clients daily on threats and mission planning, and I spent the following nine years building my career with the company. 

I was continually promoted over the years. In 2017, I became the security manager responsible for expatriate and local nationals’ security detail, liaising with senior managers of major clients on a daily basis and developing risk-mitigation practices whenever possible. In 2018, I was promoted to my current position of operations manager at GardaWorld’s headquarters in Kabul. I’ve worked hard to add clients to several of our business streams here. 


A company that recognizes potential 

It’s always been my goal to work alongside the very best the industry has to offer. At GardaWorld, I work with people who are extremely committed and always operate with integrity. The people around me help me strive to do better as a manager. GardaWorld may be the largest privately owned security company, but the culture is one where people matter. The people here feel like family to me. Having been with the company for 13 years, I can honestly say I wouldn’t want to work for any other company. 

GardaWorld’s managers welcome people who lack senior management experience in previous careers. They recognize potential and actively encourage the personal development of contractors who wish to progress into more senior roles. 


The key values to a career in high-stakes security in hostile environments 

Honesty and integrity are core values that are vital in any industry, but especially the security industry where people’s lives depend on you. In hostile environments, it’s necessary that you can be depended on not only by your clients, but also by your colleagues. GardaWorld’s workforce in Afghanistan is made up of around 90% Afghani nationals, and we always show respect to our staff as guests within their country. 


The importance of standing out 

There’s an abundance of suitably qualified and experienced contractors in our industry, so for anyone wishing to start a career at GardaWorld, you should focus on standing out from everyone else. One way to stand out in an area with experienced security contractors is to gain academic experience and further trainings—especially if you want to pursue managerial roles. This shows that you’re serious about advancing in your career.  Ultimately, at GardaWorld, your hard work and dedication will be noticed, and will result in a successful career. 


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