What It’s Like to be a Security Guard

July 27, 2018

Becoming a security guard makes you highly employable since companies will always need to keep their people and assets safe. If you’re interested in this line of work, here’s a snapshot of what it’s like, including some of the roles and responsibilities. 


The focus is on incident prevention. Preventing an incident is always better than having to intervene with a perpetrator, so security guards need to stay alert and keep a pulse on what’s going on around them.  


Some of the key roles and responsibilities are: 


Dealing with people 

Offering assistance to those who require it is a big part of the job. As such, guards must have good communication skills, as well as a demeanour for customer service. Also, guards often find themselves having to interact with people of different ethnicities and nationalities, who may or may not be well versed in the local language, so it’s important to be patient and find ways to communicate effectively. 


Observing activity and reporting on it

They must be familiar with the specifics of the company assets they are protecting so that they can report on any irregularities. Security guards are responsible for writing reports, which need to be clear, correct and concise (yet complete).  


Protecting against a variety of possible disturbances

Security guards often have to be on the lookout for vandalism, theft, fire, or natural occurrences that could cause damage to company property or compromise safety. They may also have to issue warnings directly to violators on the premises, and may need to implement the use of force to apprehend or evict them. 


Being the point of contact with authorities and emergency services

Often times, a security guard has to act as the representative on the scene in case a situation requires the intervention of other agencies, such as local police, the fire department, a medical team or other law-enforcement agencies. When this happens, security guards need to be able to communicate quickly and effectively. 



Furthermore, they are expected to be familiar with criminal and civil laws, as well as any codes or policies related to all their potential actions. Also, the role requires them to have a calm demeanour and disposition, including in crisis situations, and to behave ethically at all times. 

Professional guards will watch over property and company facilities, sometimes from a stationary post, and other times while on patrol, or by monitoring surveillance. 

There are many more specific roles and responsibilities that a security guard will have, depending on the nature of their post. But overall, the goal is to prevent incidents, and most of the time, this is achieved simply by the watchful presence of a guard on duty. 


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