Why would any company want to handle its own security today?

October 8, 2015

Over the past few years, many companies have swung back and forth between outsourcing various non-core functions and keeping them in-house and taking the DIY (do-it-yourself) route to every function. Often the argument is that DIY is cheaper. But is it?

Security is a prime example. Many prospective clients of GardaWorld often weigh hiring their own guards. They figure a uniformed, human presence is deterrence enough. So find as many big, strong and healthy people needed, make sure they pass their drug and police checks, put them in uniforms, and give them walkie-talkies to communicate with each other.

What could be simpler? Not much—in a perfect world. Then guards would not need training because they’d already know what to do in every situation, whether a crime, a medical crisis, or even a cat in a tree. But skills, know-how and experience are not needed, because crime and medical emergencies don’t happen in a perfect world, and cats never get stuck in trees.

In a perfect world, guards always offer employees and visitors cheerful greetings, show up for work on time and in clean, neatly press uniforms, never take sick days or holidays, and never quit. They happily manage themselves—in a perfect world.

Reality check. But, of course, the world is not perfect. Crises happen. People are people. Guards come and go. All of this creates variability and change. And it all creates unseen costs in terms of time, effort, and often money. Here are how some of the most important comparisons between the two approaches — in-house DIY vs. turn-key outsourcing — stack up:



Point is, when a company attempts to provide its own guards, the cost-savings are illusory – especially when the additional overhead associated with time and effort is factored in.

Even then, the quality of the protection provided cannot compare with that coming from a company whose sole professional focus is providing physical security for assets and people.

In fact, when the soft costs are added into the base wage of an in-house, DIY guard, the total cost is actually 40% more than what GardaWorld typically charges.

If you’d like to see the numbers for yourself and find out more about the value your company can get from GardaWorld Protective Services, contact your local representative or visit our website for general information.