Working security at events: The perfect mix of excitement and responsibility.

April 25, 2018

If you’re considering a career in event security because you think it’s exciting, then you’re right; being a security guard at events can be thrilling. After all, you may get to attend some of the hottest happenings in town—from concerts and festivals to sports games and even celebrity weddings.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that working in security at an event comes with a lot of responsibility, since it’s up to you and your team to keep everyone safe and to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Here are some of the key responsibilities of security guards at events:

Managing who and what makes it onto the event site

Depending on the nature and size of the event, security companies may equip their teams with state-of-the-art X-ray machines and metal-detector gantries to make sure people don’t try to sneak prohibited items into the venue. In certain cases, security guards need to perform searches and pat-downs. Also, security personnel often need to verify people’s entry tickets.

Surveillance and crowd control

It’s always better to prevent an incident than have to manage one, which is why security guards need to survey what’s going on around them continuously to identify potential issues, and take action if something looks suspicious. Crowd control (also known as crowd management) is another key component of a successful security plan. It can entail getting people to form a single-file line for entry, creating separations between the crowd and the performers, making sure people aren’t getting pushed over or trampled, and ensuring exits are clear at all times.

Customer service

When event attendees have questions, they naturally look for people in uniform, and that includes security guards. If you are working security at an event, it’s very likely that members of the public seeking information or help will approach you. That’s why it’s important that security guards are personable and professional. Also, you might find yourself having to interact with people who may or may not be well-versed in the local language, so it’s essential to be patient and find ways to communicate effectively.

Traffic management and parking services

Because events usually start and end at specific times, it can get chaotic with many vehicles arriving and leaving simultaneously. That’s why there’s often a plan in place for security personnel to make sure order and safety is upheld in the parking areas. This could include telling people where to park, directing traffic or simply monitoring what’s going on to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

Managing incidents if they arise

If something does happen at an event, whether it’s vandalism, theft, an altercation, an assault or even a fire, the public will look to you to take control. Security personnel play a critical role in either resolving issues or directing people on what to do if there’s an emergency. As a security guard at an event, you’re right in the action and you have to be ready for anything.

Working security at events comes with a lot of responsibility, but it’s also a much-desired job with some exciting perks and possibilities. For example, you could be the driver or bodyguard for VIPs, you might have the opportunity to work with security dogs in the canine patrol unit, and you could get the chance to work as an undercover guard.

Plus, a career in event security can be very rewarding, since your presence gives participants a sense of comfort and safety, while contributing to their overall enjoyment.

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