Regular Security Guard Positions


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GardaWorld is a leader within Canada’s security industry and our employees are committed to protecting people and assets. Depending on the industry, the security officer may be required to conduct patrols, implement contingency plans, prevent situations from deteriorating, or even track security flaws.

If you work well under pressure and on your own, have initiative, can relate to people and are willing to work in all kinds of weather, then you have what it takes to be a security officer at GardaWorld. We offer casual and full-time positions in 140 cities across Canada.

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Duties for a static security guard on a typical day are:

* Access Control
* CCTV Monitoring
* Enforce property rules, city bi-laws, and other applicable laws
* Deter and respond to incidents on property
* Maintain a presence to ensure the safety and security of all persons on site
* Communicate regularly with patrons/clients
* Complete reports and memo book entries on a regular basis
* Respond to various types of emergencies (fire alarms/elevator entrapments/medical emergencies)
* You must feel comfortable wanding employees at a high theft site
* Validate employee property and after hours pick up/drop offs