Why GardaWorld?

Visible Minorities

At GardaWorld, we foster a culture of respect and integration by developing policies to support the success of visible minorities and new immigrants as members of our team. Diversity is a core belief but it is also and economic reality for GardaWorld.

Saying you are pro-diversity is not enough. We put great effort into shaping policies and programs to help recent immigrants,visible minority members and aboriginal peoples have the tools they need to thrive.

Our recruitment policies are designed to accommodate applicants with diverse backgrounds and work experience who wish to build a lasting career in the security services industry. Immigrants choose to work for GardaWorld because they benefit from a qualifying employment through professional development, the active support of a multinational company.

Promoting disability awareness

We continuously raise awareness of disability among our employees to ensure that they gain a better understanding of the challenges their disabled counterparts face in the workplace as well as in everyday life. Our goal is to prevent stereotypes and prejudices.

We support socioeconomic growth for all communities, in urban or distant regions alike. GardaWorld partners with and sponsors community initiatives promoting the inclusion and the participation of disabled people.

Employment Equity

Our directors value employment equity allowing women to be represented in all spheres of our company. We strive to maintain an inclusive environment within our organization by promoting our employment equity policies in our career opportunities listing.

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