Cash Services

Armored Truck Transport

Armored Truck Transport

Our armored trucks are operated by reliable, highly trained armed security personnel, and monitored in real time via our operations centers. By going with our armored truck transport services, you can rest assured that your assets will arrive safely—and on time.

GardaWorld Armored

Don’t take chances with your cash and other valuables.

With the largest fleet of armored vehicles in the industry, we have the experience and expertise you need to ensure your assets are protected. Whether you’re transporting cash, precious metals or works of art, our services help you achieve your profitability goals while guaranteeing your peace of mind.

All of our armored truck transport solutions include full insurance coverage throughout transportation, adding an extra layer of security. Plus, our armored trucks are energy-efficient to minimize our environmental footprint.

CashTrak is a Cash Management system that makes it simple to track your valuables more accurately

Monitor your assets

CashTrak makes it simple to track your valuables more accurately than ever before, while significantly reducing your administration time.

Our Zebra TC75 touch terminals are Cash Management tools that deliver faster response times during transactions on customer premises

Benefit from Zebra touch terminals

Our Zebra TC75 touch terminals deliver faster response times during transactions on customer premises, so you can get back to business faster.

Secure cannabis transport

Use secure cannabis transport

Our cannabis transport solutions are designed to optimize your operations at all stages of the cannabis supply chain, reduce your costs, and maximize security.

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The GardaWorld difference

  • We transport more than $2 billion every day

  • Our five guiding principles help our employees act ethically and honestly at all times: respect for the law, confidentiality, integrity, fairness and loyalty.

  • We are a true one-stop shop for security, and our wide range of services allows us to offer complete, customized solutions backed by world-class customer service.

  • $3.5 million is allocated to training our employees every year.