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Smart Safe

Smart Safe

Interested in a smarter way to deposit cash? CashLINK Smart Safe protects your cash from both internal and external theft. It’s an end-to-end solution that helps simplify cash and currency processing, expands cash flow and improves reconciliation activities, all while reducing costs.

 Smart Safe

Secure your cash deposit process and protect against shrinkage.

Did you know shrinkage costs retailers about $123.4 billion a year on a global basis? With GardaWorld smart safe technology, which is available in Canada and the USA, your on-premises cash remains secure from internal and external theft, while deposits are made safely and wirelessly for immediate provisional credit. Smart Safe is designed to optimize efficiency for financial institutions, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, government organizations and the public sector.

The GardaWorld difference

  • We transport more than $2 billion every day.

  • Our five guiding principles help our employees act ethically and honestly at all times: respect for the law, confidentiality, integrity, fairness and loyalty.

  • We are a true one-stop shop for security, and our wide range of services allows us to offer complete, customized solutions backed by world-class customer service.

  • $3.5 million is allocated to training our employees every year.