Cash Services

Cash Vault Services

Cash Vault Services

With our complete Cash Vault Services, financial institutions can process cash more quickly, securely and economically. Outsourcing your non-core cash processing to GardaWorld is a simple way to reduce risk, lower fixed costs and operate more efficiently, so you can focus on your core business.

Cash Vault Services

Optimize your cash processing operations.

Using the latest high-speed technology to sort and process cash, coins and checks, we provide end-to-end Cash Vault Services. Our technology also guarantees that bills are verified for authenticity and conditioned before being redistributed.

In our 80+ cash vaults across North America, we process $5B in cash every day, and wrap 425 million rolls of coins each year. Our highly secure cash handling facilities allow us to ensure the integrity, transparency and efficiency of your currency supply chain.

Whether you have large, small, standard or non-standard processing requests, we have the expertise and scalable infrastructure to respond to your needs.

 Remote cash deposits

Remote cash deposits

If check deposits and processing are choke points for your organization, you can benefit from GardaWorld’s remote cash deposit (RDC) technology.

 Change fund service

Change fund services

If having change on hand is important for your business operations, this service is for you. We can ensure that you never have to worry about having enough change again.

 Protect your cryptocurrency

Protect your cryptocurrency

We offer innovative, high-security offline storage solutions for cryptocurrency, so your digital assets are protected against criminals and hackers.

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We have the expertise and tools to take care of all your cash management needs, in a cost-effective way.

The GardaWorld difference

  • We transport more than $2 billion every day

  • Our five guiding principles help our employees act ethically and honestly at all times: respect for the law, confidentiality, integrity, fairness and loyalty.

  • We are a true one-stop shop for security, and our wide range of services allows us to offer complete, customized solutions backed by world-class customer service.

  • $3.5 million is allocated to training our employees every year.