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Armored Truck Transport

Armored Truck Transport

GardaWorld puts the largest fleet of armored vehicles in the industry to work for you keeping your cash valuables safe. Our armored trucks are operated by reliable highly trained armed security personnel and monitored in real time via our operations centers. We’ve also invested in new energy-efficient armored trucks to reduce your costs and our environmental footprint.

GardaWorld armored truck service: optimized and transparent transportation of your cash

GardaWorld armored truck services carry your cash and valuables safely and with total efficiency. Our knowledge of various fields, such as banking and hotels, enables us to understand the demanding requirements associated with money management. Our services help you achieve your profitability goals while guaranteeing your peace of mind.

CashTrak lets you monitor cash movements with precision.

Our planning and tracking system, CashTrak, lets you monitor your cash movements more accurately than ever while significantly reducing administration time. This system, which is available in the United States, uses consistent internal reference numbers to track armored trucks, greatly improving tracking precision. The CashTrak web browser makes it fast and easy to see the status of a deposit or order, and you can receive delivery certificates.

Our Zebra TC75 touch terminals allow us to reach optimal efficiency with our end-to-end cash services solutions.

Zebra touch terminals, which are now in all of our U.S. branches, are mobile handheld devices that provide increased speed and accuracy with data capture, including times, items, liability and billing. They also deliver faster response times during transactions on customer premises. In addition, these terminals allow electronic signatures by the touch of your finger, and provide two-way data sharing—not to mention they feature superior audio quality and functionality.

Our armored truck transport solutions also include full insurance coverage for your cash throughout transportation, from your branches to the financial institution.

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