Cash Services

Cash Vault Services

Cash Vault Services

GardaWorld cash vault services can help financial institutions process their cash more quickly, securely and economically than anyone else in the market. We can help reduce risk, lower fixed costs, and allow you to focus on your core business by outsourcing non-core cash processing. We provide end-to-end cash vault outsourcing including processing, fulfillment, and reconciliation, check processing and imaging as well as Smart Safe cash deposit solution.

Cash vault services - Processing, fulfillment and reconciliation

GardaWorld cash vault services uses the latest high-speed technology to sort and process cash, coins, and checks. Our technology also guarantees that bills are verified for authenticity and conditioned before we redistribute them.

In our more than 80 cash vaults across North America, we process $5B in cash every day and wrap 425 million rolls of coins each year. Our highly-secure cash handling facilities allow us to ensure the integrity, transparency and efficiency of your currency supply chain.

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Cash vault services - Check processing

Check deposit and processing can be a choke point for many organizations. GardaWorld’s remote cash deposit (RDC) technology lets us process your check payments by automatically scanning the check and sending the image to the bank for you. With our check imaging service, we will pick up and retain your checks in concert with your cash service needs, then safely and securely destroy your checks on a scheduled basis. RCD check processing includes:

  • Secure pick-up

  • Check imaging

  • Secure transmission of the check images to your bank

  • Adherence to Internet banking security regulations

  • Adherence to your bank’s specific security regulations

  • Safe destruction of your checks on a scheduled basis

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Cash vault services - Change fund services

For many of our clients, having change at hand when needed is an important aspect of cash management. Our change fund services mean that business owners never have to worry about change again. We bring your change, delivered as part of our secure transportation service. This means that you no longer have to manage bank credits and debits for change orders. This saves on bank fees and statement reconciliation time – not to mention eliminating reconciliation errors.

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Stay in control with GardaWorld cash vault services

No matter the size of the job, our unmatched infrastructure and expertise can handle it - including non-standard or difficult processing requests. Most importantly, our clients remain in control of their funds, with on-demand reports tailored to their specific needs.

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Cash vault services - Smart Safe

Did you know shrinkage costs retailers about $123.4 billion a year* on a global basis? And on average, employees steal over six times the amount stolen by shoplifters? Why take the risk?

With GardaWorld smart safe technology your cash in store remains secure from internal and external theft, while deposits are made safely and wirelessly for immediate provisional credit.  Smart Safe technology, available in the United States, not only deters theft and internal shrinkage with bill-validating, proven security and innovative technology, it also allows you to leverage your cash management intelligence across your business through built-in reporting, auditing and information gathering systems. We install, test, and train your employees on the Smart Safe solution that’s perfect for your needs.

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* Source: Global Retail Theft Barometer 2015.