Hotel and Tourism

We put the focus back on the satisfaction and loyalty of your clientele

GardaWorld Cash Services gives you two important advantages: peace of mind and the ability to focus on the key skills required in the hospitality industry. GardaWorld offers a turnkey cash management solution specially designed for complex business environments such as hotels and tourism:

  • Armoured transportation
  • Cash management
  • Preparation of exchange funds
  • Key coop

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Safe and efficient management of your establishment’s profits

Make the growth of your hotel business your main priority by choosing GardaWorld Cash Services as your business partner. By entrusting the transportation and delivery of cash and deposits to us, you will:

  • Minimize losses, risks and mistakes associated with the handling of money
  • Increase the safety and productivity of your staff
  • Get more time to build customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Eliminate the stress and problems of cash and inventory management

With GardaWorld as your partner, you can concentrate on strategic issues such as finding skilled workers, reducing turnover rate and maximizing the occupancy of rooms and units. How has GardaWorld gained a solid reputation with the world’s leading financial institutions and companies? By accepting the most challenging missions and achieving outstanding results.

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