Restaurant Cash Management

Save time and money

Whether you are a restaurant owner or franchise holder, GardaWorld contributes to your growth by eliminating trips to the bank, expensive fees and risks associated with managing cash. You will be able to:

  • Focus on growth and customer satisfaction
  • Reduce the errors and problems associated with servers handling money
  • Eliminate the stress and risk associated with cash and inventory shrinkage
  • Keep your managers and restaurant managers focused on their key skills
  • Minimize the risk of losing money and of disputes involving third parties by transferring responsibilities to GardaWorld
  • Restore your peace of mind, as well as the safety and productivity of your employees

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Innovative tracking systems

We have adapted to the challenges of an increasingly complex world by developing in-house unique technologies that support each component of your client experience. Our new tracking systems allow us to follow the movements of cash more closely than ever before.GardaWorld offers a multi-service cash management solution adapted to the issues faced by the restaurant industry:

  • Armoured transportation
  • Cash management
  • Preparation of exchange funds
  • Key coop

We protect what you hold dear

In our work with major corporations and financial institutions, we have earned a solid reputation for accepting the toughest assignments and achieving outstanding results. Our goal is to help you stay focused on your value-added skills, so you can be even more productive.
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