ATM Services

ATM Services

ATM services

Are you looking for full ATM service to offer maximum availability of your cash via dispensing machines? GardaWorld ensures a seamless transition and continuous availability for your cash dispensers and cheque and envelope deposits.
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Our service offer has been designed to exceed the competition and is fully adaptable to your business needs. It includes:

  • ATM-fit currency preparation and packaging
  • Cash replenishment and settlement: deposit slips, receipts, verification bands
  • Currency cassette preparation
  • Deposit retrieval and verification
  • Emergency cash troubleshooting
  • First-level vendor repair and maintenance
  • Security of second-line repairs (by a supplier)

Maintain optimum control of your cash

Are you concerned about controlling and tracking your cash? At GardaWorld, we not only monitor your cash levels, but also offer smart ways to improve the management and supply of your ATMs. Our advanced expertise is a tremendous advantage for your operations.
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