Cash Vault Services

Cash Vault Services

Fitness Sorting, Commercial Deposit Processing, Preperation of Outbound Change Orders, Check Processing, Cash Vault Reconciliation and Reporting.

GardaWorld Cash Services can help financial institutions process their cash more securely, quickly and economically than anyone else in the market. In fact, we’ve transformed our business from an armored car company to an end-to-end cash  outsourcing partner to better deliver value-added solutions aligned with your objectives—and those of your commercial clients. Request a quote

We can effectively help you reduce your overall risk profile, eliminate fixed costs, grow beyond your geographical territory and better focus on your core business just by simply outsourcing your non-core cash processing activities.

Reduce your overhead

If committed fixed cost infrastructure due to excess capacity has put a drag on your operating efficiency, take advantage of GardaWorld’s network of 100 cash vaults across North America, which use the latest high-speed processing equipment to count, sort and verify notes, coins and checks. We process $5B in cash every day and wrap 425MM rolls of coins each year, while maintaining the integrity, transparency and efficiency of our client’s currency supply chain. So whether you’re a large, national financial institution or a single location credit union, we can open an inventory for you and process your commercial deposits on your behalf.

When you use our cash vault services, checks are encoded, sorted, validated, imaged and balanced – all in a format that will allow them to clear electronically. Notes are only recycled if they pass strict fitness and authenticity tests. Cash totals are reconciled against your financial institution’s own deposit totals before being deposited into a designated account. In most cases, funds are available the day following pick-up.

Controls and infrastructure for seamless service

Our cutting-edge technology includes Money Manager, which is a single processing platform that assigns clients a personal profile, allowing us to process your funds in any of our cash vaults. In crisis situations – like when Hurricane Sandy hit New York and New Jersey, making operations in those areas impossible – we can offer you seamless, continuous service. You won’t find any other North American cash services provider that can provide our level of business continuity and peace of mind.

No matter the size of the job, our unmatched infrastructure and expertise can handle it, including non-standard or difficult processing requests. We can help financial institutions deal with cross-shipping complexities, custodial inventories and ACH processing as well as forecasting to help financial institutions right-size their inventories. Most importantly, our clients remain in control of their funds, with on-demand reports tailored to their specific needs.

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