Cash Vault Services

Cash Vault Services

Vault Services

GardaWorld can help you process your cash faster and more economically than any other supplier on the market. Our warehousing service, consisting of highly secured vaults, frees you from the tasks of counting and sorting cash.
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As a North American leader in securities and fund management, we offer integrated trans-border business solutions for a wide range of clients, both for the Fortune 500 multinationals and medium-sized enterprises. Our solutions can be adapted to the scale of your needs and have a direct impact on your profitability.

Checking deposits

We use the latest high-speed processing equipment to verify, sort and count currencies, coins and cheques. The totals are verified against the sum of the client’s deposits before being deposited into the designated account. In most cases, our clients have access to their funds the day after the collection.

Qualitative cash sorting

Our high-speed sorting equipment validates the authenticity and quality of bills, based on strict criteria, before redistributing them.

Preparation of exchange funds and cash supply

We carry out all orders for change funds so that our banking and commercial customers always have the cash needed to carry out their activities. Our processing services include the sorting and packaging of cash.

Processing and imaging of cheques

Our high-speed scanning equipment ensures that cheques are coded, sorted, validated, imaged and balanced in a format that allows them to be cleared electronically.

Cash management and production of reports

Our cutting-edge technology allows verification and processing of cash and cheques. We maintain tight control of your assets and send you the management details via reports listing the required transactions.

Why choose GardaWorld to manage your cash?

We process approximately $15 billion in cash per month and 425 million in rolled coins annually. Our advanced technologies give us a head start on the competition. Our services increase your productivity, profitability and peace of mind. Contact us to learn more, or for a quote.