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Secure Transportation Services

Cash Delivery Solutions

The dangers of transporting cash, such as theft and serious injuries to employees, are huge.  Eliminate risk by using our secure transportation services to move cash and other valuable assets securely and safely from your business to the bank. Each of our armored vehicles is staffed with a team of highly trained Cash Services Officers who will collect the cash and deposit it on time, ensuring accounts do not become overdrawn and accelerating the speed at which your money starts earning interest for you.  And with the most expansive footprint in North America, we can be your single chain of custody, offering end-to-end services no matter where your stores—or your banks—are located.
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“In the retail environment, creating efficiencies is key, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice security. GardaWorld helped me decrease my risk profile by offering a cost-effective alternative to Store Managers performing bank runs. We saved on payroll hours while at the same time took the liability off our employees and showed positive results in deposit accuracy.”

–  Leo Doran, former VP of Loss Prevention for Chico’s FAS Inc.

Managing your risk

In addition to  risk, self-banking robs businesses and their managers of valuable time, better spent serving customers and building profits rather than making trips to the bank. Using our secure transportation service allows you to gain that time back. In fact, when you account for time away from the store, in the long term, self-banking can cost more than having a cash services provider.

Complete transparency

Our daily accountability framework, CashTrak, is the system used to track dates of delivery, scheduled stops and stops serviced. It is a sophisticated online tracking system that reduces your paperwork  and improves consistency and accuracy. With the online CashTrak Web Viewer, you can see the status of your deposits and orders, plus receive proof of delivery.

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