Armoured Transportation

Armoured Transportation Services

Armoured transportation

Surprisingly, most companies spend more money on collecting their waste than it would cost to have their cash deposits safely transported to the bank. It’s time to reduce your costs by using GardaWorld Cash Services. Request a quote

Secure handling all the way to the bank

GardaWorld carries your cash safely and with superb efficiency. Our knowledge of various fields such as banking and hotels enables us to understand the demanding requirements associated with money management. Our services help you achieve your profitability goals while offering you peace of mind.

GardaWorld has the largest fleet of armoured vehicles in the industry. Each truck is operated by highly trained and armed security personnel. In addition, our new truck models are more energy-efficient, reducing your costs and our environmental footprint.

Optimized and transparent transportation of your cash

Our planning and tracking system (CashTrak) allows you to monitor cash movements more precisely than ever before while significantly reducing administrative tasks.

This system uses internal reference numbers (instead of creating a new one), thus greatly improving tracking precision. Through the CashTrak web browser, our clients can quickly view the status of a deposit or order and receive a delivery certificate.

Less risk, more insurance

Our unique procedures include verification systems to perform operations safely. Our offer also includes insurance that fully covers your cash throughout transportation, from your branches to the financial institution.

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