On-Site Training

Health and Safety on Construction Sites

Health and Safety on Construction Sites

This class offers employers and workers on construction sites training, information, research and advice services in occupational health and safety with the aim of eliminating accidents and occupational hazards.

A GardaWorld professional at a construction site who took on-site training courses

Health and Safety on Construction Sites content and duration

This 30-hour, daytime course on health and safety on construction sites was developed for workers to enhance their occupational health and safety prevention knowledge. 
By the end of this training, the student will be able to:

  • Acquire the necessary preventive knowledge in accordance with the regulatory requirements of the Safety Code for Construction Work (Section 2.4.2.i.) to work safely 
  • Develop skills to identify risks and hazards in the workplace and take the necessary steps to eliminate them
  • Through specific modules, learn more about electricity, locking mechanisms, heavy machinery, WHMIS, scaffolding, etc.
  • Prevent musculoskeletal health problems and falls
  • Obtain the ASP certificate upon completion of this 30-hour course


  • Ability to speak and write in French