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Use of Force Quebec

Use of Force Quebec

Force should always be the very last resort and only be used in a context of self-defence. Our Use of Force Quebec course instructors will teach you the principles of physical control, along with the basics of a national use of force model, as well as the occupational and behavioral skills necessary to govern any use of force required as a private security guard.

Use of Force Quebec

This 16-hour course is designed for private security guards. Upon completion of this training, the student will understand:

  • Principles of physical control
  • Basics of a national use of force model
  • The force +1 theory
  • Use of force reports
  • Pressure points and motor points control tactics
  • Criminal code sections and legislation
  • Control techniques: escort position, transport front wrist lock, straight arm bar take-down, rear wrist lock, and the inside tactical take-down
  • Self-defence against common strikes
  • Excited delirium and positional asphyxia

Please note that this course is only offered in French


  • Be 18 years or older at the time of registration
  • Ability to read, write and speak French