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Traffic Control Services

Traffic Control Services

At GardaWorld, we offer road flagging and traffic control services to meet all your needs, such as around construction sites, during special events, or when there is major flooding on roads. Our large pool of road flaggers are well trained and equipped to facilitate movement and ensure the safety of both your employees and drivers passing through.

Traffic Control Services - GardaWorld road flagger providing traffic control services

Our traffic control services are all about efficient circulation and safety.

As a leader in traffic control services, we have the expertise and technology to ensure the success of your operations. We offer round-the-clock services covering both rural and urban roads, and your projects benefit from engineer-endorsed signage plans and top-of-the-line road-flagging equipment. We take a personalized approach that prioritizes the safety of your workers, as well as those passing through, whether on foot or in vehicles.

Also, if your operations are in Quebec, you can feel confident knowing that all our road safety professionals in the province are certified by the Quebec Association of Transportation (AQTr) and have completed all MTQ required training.