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Bermuda Country Report



Travel conditions are generally good in the UK overseas territory of Bermuda (population 70,800).


The archipelago is regularly subjected to tropical storms that have the potential to cause significant material damage, flooding, power outages, and transportation disruptions. However, good storm response and warning systems along with well-developed infrastructure often mitigate storms' impacts. The Atlantic hurricane season officially runs from June 1 to November 30. Information regarding current or forecast storms is available on the US National Hurricane Center's website. 


Street demonstrations occur on occasion but are not usually particularly disruptive.

An increase in the frequency of demonstrations may be observed during electoral periods. The next elections are scheduled to be held by the end of 2022 (legislative).


Crime rates are relatively low. Visitors should take basic precautions to protect themselves against petty theft and crimes of opportunity (keep an eye on belongings, minimize obvious signs of wealth, be particularly vigilant late at night, etc.).

Gangs are active in Bermuda but visitors are rarely if ever affected.


Potential visitors should also note that non-residents are forbidden from possessing, renting, or driving a four-wheeled vehicle (i.e. a car) while on the territory. Road accidents involving scooters - available to tourists - are common, in part due to road conditions (narrow, winding roads, traffic congestion).

Taxis, buses, and ferries are available and safe.


The quality of medical facilities and services available in Bermuda, while good, are limited in scope. A medical evacuation might be necessary in case of an emergency. All visitors to the country are advised to purchase comprehensive travel medical insurance prior to departure.

Tap water is safe to drink.


Homosexuality has only been officially legal since 1991. Homophobia is relatively widespread (a ban on same-sex marriage was re-implemented in December 2017) and public displays of affection between same-sex couples could draw negative attention.

On a similar note, Bermudan society is relatively conservative, and modest dress is advised outside resorts and beaches.


Bermuda's climate is subtropical and conditions are hot and humid from May until mid-November, particularly during the months of July and August. Hurricanes can strike the archipelago from June until November. Strong winds are common between December and April.

Useful Numbers

Country Code: +1 441 Emergency Services: 911


Voltage: 120 V ~ 60 Hz