Country Reports

Luxembourg Country Report



Located between France, Germany, and Belgium, the serene and prosperous Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (population 560,000) offers excellent conditions to travelers, of which there are some 900,000 per year.


Since no country is completely risk-free, travelers are advised to adhere to exercise common sense as they would on any trip.

Always keep an eye on belongings, particularly when in crowded areas (train stations, tourist sites) due to the risk of pickpocketing and purse-snatching. In the capital city of Luxembourg, the “Quartier Gare” (neighborhood surrounding the main train station) has a higher crime rate than the rest of the city. Avoid walking at night in parks and other isolated spots, lock car doors, and keep valuable objects and important papers in a safe location.


Legislative elections will be held before June 2018.


Medical infrastructure and services in the country are unsurprisingly of the highest quality.


Finally, regarding transportation in this small nation, it should be noted that heavy traffic is common in urban areas but public transit is quick and reliable.


Luxembourg has a tempered continental climate with relatively steady levels of rainfall throughout most the year with heavier showers in winter. The fall is often cloudy and rainy. Summer days are sunny and nights are cool. Winters are harsh with frequent snow storms. Springs are dry and cool.

Useful Numbers

Country Code: +352 Police: 113 Fire Dept., Ambulance: 112


Voltage: 220 V ~ 50 Hz