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Réunion Country Report



Réunion (population 800,000) - a French island located in the heart of the Indian Ocean - remains vulnerable to a number of natural catastrophes.


The island is regularly affected by extreme weather. Each year during cyclone season Réunion is struck by tropical storms and torrential rain. In January 2014 Cyclone Bejisa left one person dead and some 20 others injured.

There is also a considerable risk of seismic activity, responsible for regular low-intensity tremors. The island is also home to the Piton de la Fournaise (“Peak of the Furnace”), one of the most active volcanos on the planet. Over the past decade the volcano has erupted on average once or twice per year.


Tap water is often declared non-potable during the summer months in certain regions on the island.

Various health issues should also be taken into consideration. Dengue fever is endemic, with a peak in the number of cases regularly reported during the rainy season. Travelers are advised to protect themselves from mosquito bites by using mosquito nets and insect repellent, and wearing long-sleeved shirts and long pants.

Furthermore, they should not walk barefoot in still water, due to the risk of contracting a parasitic disease.


Finally, the proverbial tranquility of this beautiful tourist destination is sometimes disrupted by tragic events; a dozen shark attacks, including seven fatalities, have been reported since 2011. A teenager was killed in April 2015 while surfing off the island’s western coast. It is important to always pay attention to swimming restrictions, which are posted when necessary on the majority of the island’s beaches, with the notable exceptions of certain lagoons.


The island of Réunion enjoys a tropical climate. Temperatures along the coast fluctuate between 21°C and 26°C. Between November and April the weather is hot and humid; it is slightly cooler the rest of the year. Cyclones can strike between December and March. Humidity levels are often high, particularly in coastal areas.

Useful Numbers

Country Code: +262 Police: 17 Fire Dept.: 18 UAS: 15


Voltage: 220 V ~ 50 Hz