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Singapore Country Report



The majority of trips to the small Southeast Asian city-state of Singapore (population 5.5 million) are carried out under excellent conditions. This prosperous (13th highest per capita revenue worldwide) state, occupying some 60 densely populated islands between Malaysia and Indonesia, is reputed for its security and political stability.


Crime rates are low and acts of petty crime and violent crime targeting foreigners are rare. Although Singapore is a traditionally peaceful location, travelers should be aware that the terrorist threat is relatively high throughout Southeast Asia. It should also be noted that pirate attacks on ships in Southeast Asia (particularly in the Strait of Malacca and around Singapore) are regularly reported. Travelers should be aware that they will be fingerprinted upon exiting the country.


The next legislative elections are set to be held in summer 2020.


Singaporean medical facilities and hospitals are of the highest quality. Nevertheless, dengue fever is endemic in the city-state, which has also been stricken in recent years by an epidemic of hand, foot, and mouth disease. Furthermore, agricultural burning practiced by Indonesian farmers sometimes increases air pollution in Singapore, causing problems for those with respiratory problems. This was the case on many occasions (e.g. September and October) during the autumn of 2015.


The country experiences two distinct monsoon seasons each year: one from December to March (northeast monsoon season) and the other from June to September (southeast monsoon season). During these periods, torrential rain and violent winds are not rare. It should also be noted that Singapore is situated in an active seismic zone.


Public transit systems are reliable and extensive.


Singapore's climate is hot and humid throughout the year with an abundance of rain from November throughout January during the northeast monsoon (torrential but brief rain showers quickly giving way to sunny skies) and from May through September during the southern monsoon (less rain but more rainy days).

Useful Numbers

Country Code: +65 Police: 999 Fire Dept.: 995 Ambulance: 995


Voltage: 230 V ~ 50 Hz