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12 Aug 12:19 PM UTC

Chad: Criminal activity continues to increase in N'Djamena

US Embassy updates travel warning for Chad due to continued increase in crime in N'Djamena

TIMEFRAME expected from 10/19/2017, 4:38 AM until 10/19/2017, 4:38 AM (Africa/Ndjamena).



The United States Embassy in Chad issued a security warning on Thursday, August 10, over a continued increase in rates of reported criminal activity in the Chadian capital, N'Djamena, including crimes that target foreign nationals. The embassy has received multiple reports of armed robberies in the immediate vicinity of restaurants, hotels, and other establishments frequented by expatriates and tourists. A number of victims have sustained injuries during the incidents, which often involve lethal weapons.  Instances of carjacking have also increased.


The increase in expat-related crimes is on trend with the general increase in crime over the past year, which is largely attributable to ongoing socioeconomic turmoil.

The country struggles with challenging socioeconomic conditions that lead to large protests on a regular basis, as well as other associated risks associated with insecurity and unrest. In an April 4 speech addressing rising levels of criminal activity reported across the country, including in N'Djamena, Prime Minister Pahimi Padacké Albert demanded that the country's security services be more reactive, effective, and exercise increased vigilance to reverse the trend toward insecurity.


Individuals present in Chad are advised to monitor developments to the situation and to remain vigilant against the threat of criminal activity. Maintain a low profile so as to avoid drawing undue attention to yourself from would-be thieves and take common-sense precautions against petty crime (do not wear jewelry, avoid walking alone, avoid large crowds, etc.). Be alert to any suspicious persons or behavior and vary daily routines to minimize the risk of abduction.

Additionally, due to the high terrorist threat all those present in the country are advised to report any suspicious objects or behavior to the relevant authorities and remain vigilant at all times, especially when visiting sites deemed particularly likely to be targeted in an attack (public transportation, train stations, airports, public or government buildings, embassies or consulates, international organizations, schools and universities, religious sites, markets, hotels and restaurants frequented by foreigners/Westerners, festivals, etc.). For this and other security reasons, many Western governments advise against all travel to areas near the borders with Niger, Libya, Sudan, Central African Republic, Cameroon, and Nigeria, and the Lake Chad region, as well as nonessential travel to the rest of the country, including N'Djamena.