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Lebanon: Heavy snow falls in northern Mount Lebanon January 19

Heavy snow in northern Mount Lebanon mountain range January 19; roads blocked, eight people rescued at Mount Sannine

19 Jan 10:49 AM UTC
TIMEFRAME expected from 1/19/2018, 12:00 AM until 1/19/2018, 11:59 PM (Asia/Beirut). COUNTRY/REGION Mount Sannine, Bsharri


The northern part of the Mount Lebanon mountain range is experiencing cold temperatures and heavy snow as of Friday, January 19, resulting in dangerous driving conditions. Two groups of travelers to Mount Sannine and Bsharri were trapped in their cars and had to be rescued by the authorities on Friday morning (local time).

These adverse weather conditions are expected to clear up on tomorrow, January 20.


Individuals in Lebanon are advised to confirm road conditions prior to travel, follow local weather reports, and adhere to any instructions issued by the local authorities, including warnings to stay off roads.

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