Base salaries for security guards depend on applicable government regulations. In addition, the type of position, the type of environment and the seniority of the staff are also factors influencing the base salary of a GardaWorld security guard.

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The training required depends on each job and varies from region to region.

GardaWorld Campus is a world leader in security training. We offer a range of on-site and online training solutions designed by security experts and experienced instructors to help you develop the skills needed to be a top security professional.

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We help reservists and veterans find rewarding and fulfilling careers among our ranks. You can translate your military skills into a GardaWorld career.

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Cash Services

In highly secure facilities, GardaWorld Cash Vault Services professionals use the latest high-speed technology to sort and process cash, coin, and checks. These teams also guarantee that bills are verified for authenticity and conditioned before being redistributed.  

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Vault services or cash vault services refers to a wide range of activities that businesses and financial institutions leverage to simplify cash management. These solutions help ensure that cash, coin and checks are processed quickly, securely and economically.

Examples of cash vault services include:

  • Cash and coin inventory management
  • Cash processing, reconciling and reporting
  • Coin sorting, wrapping and storage
  • Change order preparation and fulfillment
  • Deposit validation and consolidation
  • ATM cash preparation
  • Check imaging
  • Check processing

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The process of becoming an armed guard or driver/messenger is straightforward. It includes both in-person interviews and an in-depth background check. A GardaWorld cash services team member will walk you through each step and answer any questions you have.

Before applying to become an armed guard or driver/messenger, there are key requirements for all candidates:

  1. Get to know and ideally be in possession of the firearm licensing and permits required for your country, state, or province.
  2. Be physically prepared to lift or move objects up to 50 lbs.
  3. Have a valid driver’s license in good standing.
  4. Be at least 18 years old.

GardaWorld's cash services team is always on the lookout for great candidates for these positions in Canada and the United States.

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To apply to become an armed guard or driver/messenger for an armored truck, a commercial driver’s license may not be necessary. During the application process, we will provide direction on the type of license required to drive an armored truck, as it varies based on province or state.

All applicants should be in possession of a valid driver’s license, have a driving record in good standing, and be ready to take the necessary steps to obtain a different class of license when they apply.

GardaWorld's Cash Services team is always on the lookout for great candidates for these positions in Canada and the United States.

Browse available positions in Canada or the United States.

Money is transported in many ways as it moves through the economy. GardaWorld cash services alone moves, manages, and processes more than $8 billion daily.

Traditionally, cash and coin are transported between financial institutions, federal organizations, and retailers by armed guards in armored vehicles. Recent innovations in cash technologies, such as Smart Safes, transport cash in both digital and physical form.

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Since the very first days here at GardaWorld, we have worked to be a role model for care and responsibility within the community. We actively support initiatives and projects that promote the health, education and the wellbeing of the communities we operate in. We focus on supporting community-based projects that have a direct impact for the people we engage with on a daily basis.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an integral part of our business, and we have made a company-wide commitment that is core to the way we operate. We have earned the reputation as a firm that aspires to higher standards. We place integrity first, develop innovative solutions, and provide clients with an added value that sets us apart.

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The GardaWorld media relations team is your unique contact point for all questions, interview requests, statements, comments and information about GardaWorld and its affiliates. 

We ask that you send your request via this contact form. This will allow us to better understand what you require and forward your request to the right people within our organization, to give you the information you need. Please note that due to time zone differences together with our various entities and services around the globe, it is sometimes impossible for us to meet very tight deadlines.

Finally, note that for security and confidentiality matters, we do not disclose any information about our clients or personnel.

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Security Services

You can continually make your workplace safer by performing sporadic assessments of your operations. GardaWorld security professionals provide security audit services. This type of plan can reveal existing gaps in your approach to workplace safety, and our specially trained representatives will provide you with a range of solutions to protect your operations.

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During large gatherings, such as sporting events and shows, one of the primary responsibilities of event security professionals is to maintain order. Every event is unique, but security remains important for all types of events, if only to ensure access control and provide first aid.

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Public access can quickly become bottlenecks, while restricted areas require special security protocols to ensure that only authorized persons can access them. Access control is essential to protect your property, staff and visitors. For example, it can be used at an event such as a music festival.

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The cost of hiring a security guard can vary depending on your needs. To learn more about our services, request a quote today.

The services listed below are all services aimed at deterring theft and criminal offenses. These are all services with the objective of deterring theft and criminal offenses. 

Remote CCTV monitoring: Always at the cutting edge of technology, video surveillance systems allow you to monitor sites remotely and respond promptly and effectively to incidents that may arise day or night. 

Security guards: Our security solutions are based on a complete analysis of your needs and vulnerabilities, and can integrate static, mobile and technological elements. Moreover, the security analysis contains recommendations on both personnel and equipment in order to cover all your security issues. 

Mobile Patrols: Mobile patrols play an important role in the success of a comprehensive security system; not only does their presence have a deterrent effect, but the rapid reaction time of the patrollers ensures better protection of your installations and your property against criminal acts. 

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