Jetez un coup d'œil à ce que ces 22 experts ont à dire sur l'innovation, la manutention, la sécurité et le transport de l'argent liquide

décembre 2, 2020

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Cash is one of the largest economic drivers, governing just about every transaction we make—whether it’s paying for groceries or employee salaries. And now more than ever, businesses have an opportunity to utilize technology as a means of facilitating secure and safe cash handling in an uncertain world. The best way to stay on top of cash handling safety and transportation best practices is to listen to the industry voices observing these changes.

Voices Commenting on the Future of Cash

Below, we’ve compiled a list of 22 experts on everything from cash technology and banking, to supply chain and retail trends. If you want to understand the role of cash in the future of our changing economy, and the innovations that are contributing to the increased safety in cash services, these are the people to follow.


Alex Jimenez

Chief Strategy Officer at Extractable

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Alex writes about the future of financial services, and has been published by The Financial Brand, Finovate, CFO Outlook, CIO Insights, and Irish Tech News. He’s interested in customer-facing topics about the future of banking, and exploring the ways in which technology will impact payment experiences.


Bernie Wagenblast

Host at Transportation Radio

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Bernie is a transportation expert with intimate knowledge of trending topics in the supply chain and business operations sectors. Supply chain is the backbone of a goods-driven economy, which makes Bernie’s insights critical for understanding the future of transportation and how it’s changing post-COVID-19.


Brandon Rael

Executive Director at Impact Analytics

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Brandon is keenly tuned into the world of retail, with a focus on strategy and operations innovation. Through an analytical and data-driven lens, he keeps close tabs on the customer mindset and how it is evolving in this world of drastic transformation.


Brett King

Founder and Executive Chairman at Moven

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A tech futurist and media personality, Brett imagines what the future of banking might look like, and is taking steps to make those visions reality. He’s a bestselling author and podcast host who frequently discusses topics like financial inclusion, and how technology is fundamentally disrupting the way banks and customers interact.


Cathy Morrow Roberson

Founder and President at Logistics Trends & Insights LLC

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As her company name indicates, Cathy has a background in analyzing trends in the supply chain space, and creates content about the role of cash in supply chains at a macro level. She’s a voice for sharing information about logistical trends and innovations, and her experience with last-mile delivery also follows shifts in consumer purchasing.


Christopher Danvers

Vice President Digital Strategy and Payments at American Airlines Federal Credit Union

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Christopher is an authority on payments and how fintech is shaping the way we pay for goods and services. He sees a future where digital transformation brings new levels of frictionless convenience on both ends, backed by an experiential ecosystem that makes it easy for people to buy however is easiest for them.


Dawn Brolin

CEO at Powerful Accounting

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Few people have a pulse on transactions like the accountants. In her role as CEO at Powerful Accounting, Dawn consistently shares her insight on the state of small business accounting and how retailers are adapting to changing consumer habits. Oh yeah, she’s also the funniest accountant out there!


Greg Leos

Senior Vice President, Enterprise Sales and Head of Franchise at Fiserv

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Greg is a financial services industry executive who has a direct line to some of the biggest decision-making entities in the financial sector. He’s looking not only at the future of payments—he’s interested in the broader cash flow ecosystem of how consumers spend, pay and get paid.


Harold (Hal) Good

President and CEO at Procurement Pros Group

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What better way to observe the evolution of the financial industry than by listening to Hal discuss the problems facing supply chain leaders? His insights cast a light on upstream logistics and how they affect transactions downstream, giving context for many of the changes we’re seeing in consumerism.


Holly Hynes

Executive Vice President, Head of CX Innovation, Strategy, and Consumer and Business Marketing at Huntington National Bank

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Cash flow happens transactionally. Holly Hynes is constantly asking, “How can we make those transactions friendlier for the people involved?” Her insights into fintech and consumer habits are worth listening to because they shine a light on how payment systems are evolving. She’s helping usher new conventions like machine learning, AI, and mobile-first into banking.


Inna Kuznetsova

President and Chief Operating Officer at 1010data

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Inna is a former supply chain pro who’s now working to reimagine the future of retail. Her supply chain savvy and insight on retail combine to provide followers with context for some of the financial innovations we’re seeing today. In a goods-driven economy, she draws links between purchasing and fulfillment at a macro level.


Jim Marous

Owner and Publisher at Digital Banking Report

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Jim advises businesses on digital transformation surrounding their financial services. His insights help us understand why fintech needs to be adaptable and what businesses can do to meet the needs of consumers in an evolving financial space. He’s focused on the relationship between banking and the cloud.


Jim Tompkins

Chairman and CEO at Tompkins International

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Though his background is in materials handling, Jim leverages those insights against a deep understanding of supply chains to deliver opinions worth paying attention to. He talks at length about preparedness, flexibility and adaptability—all traits that naturally bridge his wisdom to the evolving world of fintech.


Joyce Washington

Virtual CFO and Money Manager and Business Consultant at Common Cents Accounting

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Joyce helps small business owners take control of their accounts, giving her insight into how cash flow is changing at a granular level. Her experience as a virtual CFO has given her experience working across industries, and she’s one of the most intriguing voices for looking at the future of payments and transactions.


Lisa Gold Schier

Managing Senior Vice President at the American Bankers Association

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Who better to hypothesize on the future of cash and payments than a tenured member of the American Bankers Association? Lisa is a voice for transformative tech—specifically for organizations and innovations in the way they bank. Her opinions on emerging and early-stage solutions give shape to a bold future of digital banking.


Lora Cecere

Founder at Supply Chain Insights

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Lora is a data-driven supply chain leader with a regular supply chain insights publication. Her thought leadership has already established her in the world of logistics professionals—now, her insights are driving conversations in other industries, such as banking and finance. Follow her to learn more about the effects of economy on finance, and vice-versa.


Michelle Evans

Senior Head of Global Digital Consumer Research at Euromonitor

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Michelle is a thought leader focused on the future of payments who frequently shares engaging, research-backed content breaking down the trajectory of payment ecosystems. She’s also looking beyond, at how people and businesses alike can leverage fintech into everything from automated payments to more secure transactions.


Scott Luton

Founder, CEO and Host at Supply Chain Now Radio

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When examining cash in the supply chain, few people deliver crystal-clear insights like Scott. His ingrained knowledge of supply chain at every level allows him to speak to its effects on our transaction-driven, cash-based economy. Scott’s podcast also welcomes many insightful guests, bringing varied perspectives to those who follow his work.


Steve Dennis

President & Founder at SageBerry Consulting

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Steve is a well-published retail thought leader who’s not shy about speaking to the shifts occurring in the retail space—including the relationships customers have with stores. He’s a great follow for understanding how consumer habits drive fintech advancements and how companies and brands are adapting to them.


Stephanie Thum

Founder and Principal at Practical CX

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Few people understand the importance and strategic opportunities of building better customer experiences than Stephanie Thum. Specifically, she’s looking at how companies can improve and rethink payments to enhance customer experience, and what that means for their purchasing habits, as well as transactional trends.


Stessa Cohen

Strategic Advisor at PivotAssets

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A former Gartner Banking Analyst gone freelancer, Stessa explores the relationship between customer touchpoints and company strategy. Her insights shed light on how important mission and purpose are, and why every company needs to embody its mission statement through every interaction—especially in an industry like finance.


Theodora Lau

Founder at Unconventional Ventures

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In a world that’s sometimes resistant to change, Theodora helps organizations embrace change, including the latest in fintech. She’s also vocal about ecosystem development within the financial world, to make capital and transactions more open and accessible to the people who need them most: entrepreneurs, startups, the unbanked and others.


The Role of Cash is Changing

As supply chains and consumer habits continue to affect our transactional economy, the role of cash will continue to change. Follow the above industry experts to gain unique perspective on what those changes look like, what’s driving them, and where the future of cash is headed: how it’s handled, moved, kept safe, and used by customers across the world to do business.