Top Crisis24 News Alerts - June 23-29

juin 29, 2018

This Week’s Top Crisis24 News Alerts - June 23-29 

Argentina: Severe flight disruption expected during general strike June 25 

Severe transportation disruptions expected during general strike on June 25 as Aerolineas Argentinas and LATAM cancel all flights; service disruptions, protests, and roadblocks expected nationwide. Read more


Netherlands: 72-hour public transport strike June 27-29 

Public transportation union plans to hold 72-hour strike across the country on June 27-29; transportation disruptions expected. Read more


France: Protests nationwide during June 28 general strike 

Nationwide general strike planned on June 28; interprofessional strike in Paris, transportation disruptions expected across France. Read more 


Austria: Demonstrations planned in Vienna June 28, 30 

Multiple demonstrations to take place in Vienna on June 28 and June 30; localized traffic disruptions expected. Read more  


Nigeria: Protest held in Jos over recent attacks June 27 

Residents rally in Jos (Plateau state) on June 27 to protest the recent attacks between herdsmen and farmers; further protests possible. Read more 



This week’s Editor’s choice 


US: Supreme Court upholds travel ban June 26 

US Supreme Court rules June 26 to uphold executive order restricting travel from Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, North Korea, and Venezuela; protests expected. Read more 


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