Top Crisis24 News Alerts – July 14-20

juillet 20, 2018

This Week’s Top Crisis24 News Alerts - July 14-20

Switzerland: Unions call off air traffic controller strike July 23-27

Unions call off air traffic controller strike at Geneva, Bern, Lugano, Sion, Grenchen, and Emmen airports July 23-27. Read more.


Honduras: National public transportation strike July 19

National public transportation strike (bus, taxis) July 19; associated protests and roadblocks likely. Read more.


Iraq: Protests continue in Basra and Baghdad July 20

Protests continued in Basra and have spread to Baghdad July 20; additional protests against unemployment, corruption, and poor public service provisions expected in the coming days. Read more.


Spain: Iberia strikes at Barcelona Airport July 27-28 and August 3-4

Flight disruptions expected during strike by Iberia airline personnel at Barcelona-El Prat Airport (BCN) on July 27-28 and August 3-4. Read more.


Vietnam: Tropical Storm Son-Tinh to hit north and central regions July 18-19

Heavy rains and threat of flooding forecast in northern, central regions through July 19 as Tropical Storm Son-Tinh approaches. Read more.



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US: Molten rock explosion leaves 23 injured off Island of Hawaii July 16

Molten rock hits tour boat off Island of Hawai’i July 16, leaving 23 people injured; "warning/orange" alert in effect for Kilauea as of July 16. Read more.


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