Top Crisis24 News Alerts – July 21-27

juillet 27, 2018

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Greece: Major wildfires leave 74 people dead in Attica July 24 

Major wildfires continue to rage near Athens (Attica region); at least 74 deaths as of July 24. Read more 



This week’s top 5 News Alerts 


Honduras: Violent protests in Tegucigalpa July 25 

Clashes between students and police break out during protest in Tegucigalpa July 25; further protests likely in coming days. Read more 


Switzerland: Unions call off air traffic controller strike July 23-27 

Unions call off air traffic controller strike at Geneva, Bern, Lugano, Sion, Grenchen, and Emmen airports July 23-27. Read more 


Iraq: Protests continue in Baghdad, southern provinces as of July 23 

Protests continue in Baghdad and southern Iraq as of July 23; at least 13 demonstrators killed and hundreds wounded. Read more 


China: Typhoon Ampil hits Shanghai July 22 

Authorities evacuate hundreds of thousands of people from Shanghai after Typhoon Ampil makes landfall July 22. Read more   


Guinea: Violent protests and strikes in Conakry 

Violent protests take place in Conakry July 23 during unauthorized marches; further protests July 26; general strike from July 24. Read more 


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