Alert and Savvy Garda Team Thwarts Robbery, Wins Medal of Excellence

octobre 26, 2012

With only three weeks’ experience as a Driver for Garda Cash Logistics, Emmanuel Irizarry combined his training with excellent common sense when he heard a noise at the side messenger door of his vehicle and noticed a man dressed in what appeared to be a Garda uniform attempting to gain entry to the armored vehicle at the Danbury Mall in Connecticut recently


Our driver, Irizarry did not recognize the man and therefore did not open the door.  His fellow crew member, Messenger Josue Jorge, with ten months on the job, displayed similar good judgment when he returned to the armored truck with a customer’s order and was approached by the man posing as an imposter. The man immediately attempted to take the customer’s bag that contained the money from Jorge.


Jorge immediately reacted ordering the man to step away and, following a brief struggle for the bag, the imposter fled the scene without the money.  The guards were able to provide the police with a good description of the suspect and his vehicle.


“What is most impressive about this incident is that these two officers with less than one years’ combined experience on the job displayed such tremendous savvy and skill in immediately assessing the situation and taking appropriate action,” said Garda Senior Vice President and Head of US North Vincent J. Modarelli.


“Emmanuel and Josue exemplify the ideals of Garda and I congratulate them for their outstanding performance in preventing what could have been a serious loss, or injury to themselves or incent bystanders,” added Garda Cash Logistics President and COO Christopher Jamroz.