The Upcoming Week’s Top News Alerts from Crisis24 - October 1 - 7

octobre 1, 2018

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Be Prepared


Argentina: Protesters to stage sit-in before Congress October 1-5

Labor union members plan a sit-in in front of the Congressional Palace in Buenos Aires from October 1 to 5. Read more



What to watch out for this week


Indonesia: Government allows international relief aid for Palu Oct. 1

President Jokowi to allow international assistance for tsunami recovery efforts in Palu and Central Sulawesi October 1; death toll increases to over 1200. Read more


France: National general strike on October 9

Nationwide general strike to take place on October 9; significant disruptions anticipated. Read more


US: San Francisco transit center to stay closed through October 5

San Francisco’s Salesforce Transit Center will remain closed through at least October 5 after a second crack was discovered in a support beam; significant transportation disruptions expected. Read more


Mexico/US: Tropical Storm Rosa to make landfall in Baja Peninsula Oct. 1

Tropical Storm Rosa to make landfall in northern half of Baja Peninsula (Mexico) October 1 before passing through Arizona (US). Read more


Gabon: Legislative and local elections to be held in October

Gabonese Electoral Center (CGE) announces single round of legislative elections will be held on October 6, local elections on October 27; increase in political rallies expected. Read more


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